Not Private Equity but Public Equity
A Buy & Build Approach

Our strategy is the acquire and grow owner/operated companies operating in the Southwest United States. In our experience, it starts with identifying great people with good reputations in the marketplace. Our post acquisition growth comes typically from removing these companies' growth constraints – such as providing needed equipment and working capital – and cross-selling customer bases. This approach provides an expanded suite of services to oil and gas operators in the unconventional resource plays in the targeted geographic areas.

Our management team has prior experience acquiring owner/operated companies. The Company believes this acquisition strategy can be an attractive way to grow more quickly than organic growth allows. In our experience, operating companies that want to be acquired often have complementary non-overlapping customers that could have a positive strategic impact to our future.

Geographic Focus in the Southwest United States.

Currently, almost half of the rigs in North America are located in Texas due to favorable economics in Texas’ resource basins, such as the Permian Basin, relative to other parts of the United States. We believe our direct sales presence in West Texas, based out of Odessa, Texas, complements our existing distribution channels for that market area which will allow us to further penetrate that market.

In West Texas, the Company has enjoyed good market penetration via distribution and supply companies. We believe that high activity levels in West Texas’ Permian and Delaware basins should allow for growth with new direct sales. In July 2017, we hired a strategic level employee, from Midland, Texas, experienced with many of our customers, to support and grow our presence in that market. Currently, the Company has a sales force in East Texas servicing Haynesville Shale, Woodbine, Cotton Valley and other oil & gas resource plays in the area.

Sell New Products and Additional Services to Existing Customers. 

We have over 250 customers, many of which are leading companies in their field, and several with whom we are party to a Master Service Agreement (MSA) that can allow us to develop a competitive advantage. We believe we can further monetize our relationships with our customers by bringing other products services to cover our focused business segments from Drilling through Midstream to them that we develop or acquire when there is a demand.

Maintaining High-Quality Service. 

Our success and history has been built on a reputation of high-quality service. A concerted effort by management has been to ingrain this philosophy in our Company culture and employee attitudes. The oilfield service business is demanding and keeping a 24/7 service policy is a priority that we intend to continue to focus on and maintain. We continually strive to provide outstanding service to our existing customers and demonstrate to our new customers that we can provide the services that they demand.

Leverage Access to Public Company Markets.

We believe that the public capital markets can facilitate funding access for our long-term growth initiatives, including making strategic acquisitions, however, there can be no assurance that we will identify acquisition targets or if we do identify acquisition targets that we will be able to acquire them on terms acceptable to us. Additionally, there can be no assurance that we will be able to access the public capital markets to facilitate funding for our long-term growth initiatives, or if funding is available that it will be on terms acceptable to us.