Commitment to Safety:

The Company approaches Safety as a priority ONE to our customers.   It starts with leadership accountability and is driven all the way through local operations teams across our operating areas.   The Company approaches safety as a value that is incorporated into each area of the company’s operations and professionals:

  1. SMGI’s   operating subsidiaries are members of ISNetworld and PEC Safety, Safety Compliance Organizations that help connect safe qualified contractors and suppliers with customers bringing together a partnership to help ensure safer job site activities.   As emphasized in ISNetworld and PEC Safety, our employees are trained to assess potential risks and identify potential hazards. Our management communicates with customer personnel to ensure that safety practices are always priority number one on the job site. Our employees are also authorized to stop a job when conditions are unsafe and then report to the customer of immediate actions that should be considered.
  2. Our  customers  count  on  a  service  company  to  perform  safe  work  habits  from  the  beginning  of  the  job  to  the  time  we  leave.  We  ensure  that  our  people  have  the  training  and  tools  to  perform  a  safe  job  on  a  daily  basis.  Prior  to  any  job  employees  are  trained  by  qualified  Safety  Personnel  per  the  job  specifics  and  safety  aspects,  as  well  as  all  safety  action  that  must  be  taken  on  the  job.  Periodic  safety  audits  and  safety  policy  reviews  are  conducted  by  management  to  improve  efficiency  and  safety  awareness  on  and  off  the  job  site.