Matthew Flemming


Matthew Flemming, age 51, is the Chief Executive Officer of SMG Industries, Inc. and its operating subsidiaries. Mr. Flemming has been a CEO and CFO for more than twenty years in high growth, capital intensive regulated businesses. He has over ten years working in a public company management environment. Matt has significant relationships in the capital markets as well as transportation and industrial services market place which will help provide access to company acquisition targets.

Previously, Mr. Flemming served as CEO of HII Technologies from 2011 until 2016. In 2011, HII was a small ‘public vehicle’ with about $300k in cash, no debt, and entered into the oilfield services business through an initial platform acquisition in frac water management. Through several additional strategic acquisitions, he grew HII’s revenues to $4.2 million a month (an annualized rate of $ 50 million) within a period of 30 months. Previous to that, Matt was the CEO of an industrial valve technology company known as Hemiwedge Industries, Inc. from 2009 to 2011, and has experience running technology and pharma companies since 1994.

Mr. Flemming has a Bachelors of Arts, with a Finance concentration from the University of Houston.