Provides heavy and super heavy haul transportation for industrial construction related customers.

The 5J team provides:

  • heavy tractor unit(s)
  • multi-axled lowboy flatbed trailer(s)
  • Some trailer(s) have independently steerable wheels that can towed by one or more tractor units in a train.

Sectors include :

  • compressors, bridge beams, and production equipment
  • wind energy, power gen units, refining components, dehydration towers, heat exchangers

Equipment include :

  • 105 Tractors
  • 250 multi-axle trailers
  • 16 cranes
  • 25 heavy duty forklifts
  • ­­
  • Super heavy haul trailers capable of load greater than 160 lbs.

5J has operating locations in Palestine, Houston and Floresville Texas and Odessa

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